When looking for knowledgeable answers on FLAT ROOFING who do you ask?


A Shingle Guy / Siding Guy / Remodeling Guy / Handy Man / Flat Roofer


All too often these days to find a contractor to even look at your flat roof, they typically do a number of remodeling type of projects. Fischer Companies, Inc. may know how to do many things, but we only focus on one thing - Flat Roofing!


Someone who specializes in Flat Roofing knows the ins and outs of the key issues of your flat roof or low slope roof problems. Like anything if you specialize in it you'll become good at it.


If you need help figuring out what's wrong or want a better idea of what to do, that's when we shine.


- Full Inspections

- Pictorial Overviews

- To giving presentations to board members

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