Residential Application

IB Roof Systems is the only manufacturer to offer 100% lifetime warranties on residential projects as long as you own your home. All of the accessories, flashings, IB vents, CPA Single-Ply Membrane, and even the screws and plates that attach the roof, are covered under the best warranty offered in the roofing industry. For over 25 years, every IB Single-Ply roof that has been installed is still in service today.

IB Roof Systems is so confident with their roofing system that every residential roof comes with a 100% lifetime material warranty at no charge to you. It doesn¹t matter if you live in your home for 5 years or 50 years, your roof still has 100% coverage.

Pleasing Appearance
IB CPA Single-Ply membrane not only keeps your house leak free, but is very pleasing to the eye. IB Roof Systems provides the contractor with prefabricated flashings for your vents, plumbing, pipes, skylights, etc., which adds professionalism to the project and quality to its performance.

Quality Assurance
IB trains and certifies each contractor to our exclusive satisfaction. IB Roof Systems not only trains proficient quality contractors, but wants the customer to feel assured that they are getting the best roofing system available to protect their house and family. That's why IB Roof Systems is backed by a 25 million dollar insurance policy. This guarantees that your roof will be covered throughout the life of your warranty. In addition, if you sell your house within the first five years of installation, a five year warranty may be transferable to a new owner.

Ponding Water
IB Roofs were uniquely formulated to withstand ponding water. Moisture will not pass through the IB membrane. Ponding water will not affect the performance or lasting warranty of IB Roof Systems single-ply membranes.

Class "A" Fire Rating
The IB Roof Systems non-combustible CPA Membrane has a UL Class "A" rating for flame resistance. Unlike old-fashioned roof material, the IB membrane will resist flames rather than fuel them.

At IB, we understand the need to utilize natural resources as efficiently as possible. That's why IB has designed their roofing membrane to be recyclable. In addition, 90% of IB Roof System projects can be installed over existing rooftops, eliminating the need for messy tear-offs. This feature also reduces landfill usage and helps to preserve our natural resources. IB works with the environment, not against it.

With IB Roof Systems white membrane, your roof could reflect up to 90% of the heat that would normally enter your building through the roof. This will lower your electric bill and keep you more comfortable. If desired, additional insulation can be added to further reduce your energy costs, keeping you warmer through those cold winter months. With IB Roof systems your roof could actually pay for itself and then some.

Installing IB Roof Systems Single-Ply Membrane is easy and practically error free. All the seams and details are mechanically fastened and hot air welded to create a one-piece blanket over the entire roof structure. Even the edge metal trim has IB membrane laminated to both sides to eliminate corrosion. These factors give you the maintenance free roof you want and the confidence you need to relax for life's guaranteed.

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Not all homes are built equal and that's where we come in. The flexibility of our flat roof system material actually works great with unique roof systems. In this case this Quonset style in Wisconsin is more popular than some might realize.

This application the IB Roofing System is installed starting at the bottom like a shingle, then added to as we head to the top of the roof.

Two major benefits happen at this job.

1. Roof Reflectivity

2. No snow sticks to this roof.

The guys did a great job here, and enjoyed it's final look too.

If you are scared your roof is to unique, we might just be the very flat roofing installers that you are looking for.
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