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So what is it that distinguishes us from our competitors? 


What do we offer that other contractors do not?

A state of the art roofing material produced by IB (Industry's Best) Roof Systems; the leading manufacturer of single-ply roofing material since 1978.  Their distinct CPA vinyl material has been scientifically proven to outlast rubber, plastic, tar & gravel, metal, and foam roofs.  IB requires no maintenance programs, and has never had a failed roof system.  CPA vinyl has numerous benefits which provide superior qualities that make an outstanding roof system.  

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Unlike other materials, vinyl membranes are inherently fire resistant.  They contain additional fire retardants: making them slow to catch or spread fire, and self-extinguishing when the source of heat or flame is removed. CPA is extremely durable, allowing you to avoid the headache and costs of maintenance and replacement.  The material is easy to clean, and provides for a protective barrier against a variety of damaging bacteria.  IB Roof Systems is the only single-ply membrane with a residential lifetime warranty. 

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