What Sets us apart?

At Fischer Companies, Inc. we are a certified installer for IB Roof Systems, with certification come standards and solid warranties. Below is a list from IB Roof Systems on the merits of the system we would install on your business or home.


1) Northwest School District has over 550,000 sq ft of IB Roof Systems performing leak free for over 32 years.

2) IB Roof Systems warranties do not exclude ponding water. (Anti~Wicking Scrim).

3) CPA (Co-polymer Alloy) makes IB Roof Systems more resistant to contaminants that will collect on flat roofs.

4) All IB Roof Systems warranties are 100% non-prorated.

5) IB Roof Systems is the only single-ply membrane with a residential lifetime warranty.

6) IB Roof Systems is the only single-ply membrane with a transferable residential warranty.

7) IB Roof Systems has never had a failed roof system

8) IB Roof Systems is the sole spec. on all McDonald's Restaurants in the Puget Sound.

9) IB Roof Systems requires no maintenance programs to maintain 100% warranty.

10) IB Roof Systems utilizes hot air welded seams as opposed to chemically activated hot air welded seams. This creates a physical weld as opposed to a chemical weld.

11) IB Roof Systems has the most progressive website in the Roofing Industry.

12) IB Roof Systems membrane is 50/50 top film and base film. This makes the product easy to weld and has a substantial thickness above the scrim.

13) IB Roof Systems membrane has 60% elongation which allows it to flex and move with the building. (Industry requirement is 15% elongation).

14) IB Roof Systems membranes have been performing from Hawaii to Florida with no failures.

15) IB Roof Systems membrane reflects most of the UV Rays that strike the roof surface. Heat Gain Comparison illustrates that on an 85-degree day a regular smooth black roof would heat to 172-degrees, while the IB White Membrane only warms to 91-degrees.

16) IB Roof Systems has an in-house engineering department. IB Roof Systems can engineer applications to exceed 120 mph wind uplift.

17) IB Roof Systems membrane is non-curing, therefore the membrane will remain weldable for its service life.

18) IB Roof Systems membrane is manufactured at CGT (Canadian General Tower, Ltd.). CGT is the largest thermoplastics manufacturer in North America, manufacturing internal automobile components for Ford Motor Co., Honda, GM, and Chrysler. The membrane is manufactured to IB Roof Systems specifications, giving IB the last word in quality control. This alliance also offers IB the largest liability insurance policy in the single-ply industry.

19) IB Roof Systems has the only single-ply roofing membrane in the industry that is designed after the ASTM chemical containment liner standard. ChemGuard is the only single-ply membrane in the industry that has no exclusions in the warranty for chemical contaminants, fatty acids, etc.

20) IB Roof Systems warranties are not affected in overlay applications.

21) IB Roof Systems membrane is UL, FM, ICBO listed.

22) IB Roof Systems membrane is a Class A Fire Rated Product. (It will not support combustion.)

23) IB Roof Systems has the only ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved decking membrane in the roofing industry.

24) IB supplies all components to comprise a "Roofing System" including but not limited to pre-fabricated vents, flashings, drains, and PVC-Clad weldable metal.

25) IB Roof Systems deals only with trained, certified applicators.
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