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 "The first week in August of 2009 we had rain and a lot or it.  I obtained Fischer Roofing's number from a call to Lindus Construction, whom I listen to every Saturday morning on WCCO.  Fischer Roofing sent a guy out the same day I called.  My insurance agent sent guys out from Superior Construction three times, without being able to locate the leak.  Fischer Roofing came when they said they would, did the job right, and cleaned up their mess all during the week before Christmas.  We would recommend them highly"                                                                                                          - Joe and Kathleen Krause, home owner


    "When my roof started leaking I was worried about finding a contractor that would provide me with a high quality product at a fair price.  I called Fischer Roofing Company and they did just that.  I was very pleased with their workmanship, dependability, and professionalism.  They answered every question I had thoroughly and promptly.  I would definitely recommend Fischer Roofing Company to anyone who needs a roof repair or replacement."

                                                                                                                                                                           - Bob Kaufman, Subway owner


    "I would like to say how our school roofs are in great shape thanks to Fischer Companies.  We started about 10 years ago on roof replacement, doing one every other year or so.  With no problems, we hope to get all of our roofs done by Fischer Companies."          - Russell Roundy, Building & Grounds Director, Pepin Schools


    "I had Fischer Flat Roof Pros replace both my service station and car wash roofs.  I am very pleased with their work and price!"

                                                                                                                                                                            - Gary, Duffy's Service Center


    "Fischer Roofing Company was a great company to work with.  The crew was always on time and very helpful with answering any questions I had.  They seemed happy to be working and maintained a fun work environment while still remaining professional.  I wish every company I worked with was as hard working and dedicated as Fischer Roofing Company.  I highly recommend them if you need a new roof or if your roof is leaking"

                                                                                                                                                                    - William Dehning, Detex Company


    "As another Wisconsin winter wends its way toward spring and the end of snow, perhaps by July, if we are lucky, I am writing to report our absolute delight with the new roof(s) you so efficiently and carefully installed last fall.  These were two relatively flat, slightly sloped membrane roofs, the type with which I had no previous experience.  At the beginning your salesman was most helpful, understanding of our questions and concerns and provided excellent information.  Although it was well into the fall when we placed our order and we were concerned about some winter leaks we had experienced last year, scheduling was prompt and we have spent this winter both warm and dry thanks to you.  We also want to mention that not only did your efficient two-man installation crew complete the work in one day but left behind not a trace of any scraps, nails or hubris, just two well-installed roofs.  One man courteously stepped down off his ladder to open a door for my wife who had one arm in a cast and her other arm full of packages.  It will be interesting to learn how much the white, reflective membrane will increase comfort this coming summer, and perhaps I will write come fall with an updated report.  Having lived through two previous professional reroofing and two rolled roofing/tar personal experiences in my 69 years, I fully appreciate the work your people did - it was so much easier for us!!  Oh yes, and the cost.  The price for your services, including the lifetime warranty, was much less than we anticipated, given our precious experiences with shingles.  Sincerely, Gust and Ruby Jenson, Menomonie, who appreciate being dry, warm, and having money left over."                                                                            - Gust and Ruby Jenson, home owner


     "Over the past four years we have had three flat roofs replaced by Fischer Roofing and we are so far very satisfied with the workmanship and the time frame of their work.  They were here when they said they would be and they were very tidy in keeping things cleaned up as they did the job."  Thank you Fischer Roofing."

                                                                                                                                                                                    - Lois Satterlund, First Luthern Church


     "Tim: My husband and I want to tell you how satisfied we are with our roof that your crew replaced last fall.  The guys were all business and cleaned up the old roof completely.  We would recommend your company to all who wonder about replacing a flat roof.                      -  Daris & Darl Hoffman, home owner



    "We here at Chippewa Valley Hospital and Oakview Care Center used to fight with our roof all the time.  Everyday there seemed to be a new leak started.  They were never in a good spot or at a good time.  We called all over and talked to many vendors before coming to Fischer Roofing Company out of Ellsworth, WI.

We did not know that a high quality roof system was located so close to us.  We were only about 27 miles away and never heard of this new product of IB roofing.  Tim and his great crew came over and looked at our roof problems.  We were at a point where we needed a new roof, but did not want to go back to the old tar and rock roof.  Tim showed us a system where we could increase our insulation R-value and lower our roof temperature to increase our cooling in the hot summer months and lower our utility bill at the same time.  The only drawback I see with this system is that you need to wear sun glasses to work on the roof; the white roof reflects the sun rays back into the sky and keeps our roof more than 6o% cooler.

Adding new equipment is made easy due to the workability of the product.  No more trying to melt and blend tar and rocks.  Just cut, fit, and weld in the needed area.  It's that fast and easy.  Call Tim or Mike and let them show you the way to a roofing system that works great in Wisconsin and Minnesota.

We here at Chippewa Valley Hospital and Oakview Care Center would be happy to show our roof makeover to anyone." 

Contact me @                                                                                                                                    - Andrew Klevgard, Chippewa Valley Hospital Plant Operations Manager 

Chippewa Valley Hospital and Oakview Care Center

Andrew Klevgard, Plant Operations Manager

(715) 672-4211 ext. 246    or    (715) 495-8241